How Canada's Newspaper Cartoon Artists Dealt with Aboriginal Issues


© 2007 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

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There is academic utility in examining how Canada and China’s political satirists reflected sensitivity to the plight of First Nations, Métis and Inuit.





Native man bypassed by White Society February 2, 2000




First Nations arrow hits Canada flag July 17, 2000


Justice system fails natives Octoboer 24, 2001




Native man sheds tear December 20, 2002




Native man separated from white man by large table April 27, 2005




Leadership at Department of Northern & Indian Affairs is backwards Octoboer 28, 2005




First Ministers Aboriginal meeting has no substance November 25, 2005




Gordon Campbell finally in favour of B.C. Native rights May 8, 2006




Hypocrite Stephen Harper makes promise to First Nations June 13, 2007





Gordon Campbell reverses course on Musqueam Band land treaty November 13, 2007




China's Hu Jintao asks Stephen Harper about Canada's human rights practices November 22, 2006




Other 'nations' queue behind Quebec at Stephen Harper's door November 27, 2006




Native chief buried by land claim reports and surveys June 12, 2007




Native protester holds Canadian flag upside down June 26, 2007




Ottawa meets Native Canadian for land claim negotiations June 30, 2007




Aboriginal trapped in bottle August 9, 2007




Native Canadian commiserates with Rodney MacDonald over

Ottawa's broken promises July 11, 2007




Stephen Harper practices his apology June 11, 2008




One day Native Canadian will reclaim the land June 12, 2008




Residential School problem lingers for Native Canadians June 12, 2008




Apology offers little comfort for Native Canadian June 13, 2008